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The list of marine automation services included services but not limited provided by the company is as follows:
Automation service of repair, conversion, commissioning, calibration on vessels

Air circuit breaker calibration and repair            Electronic and Electrical Controls

Boiler Automatic Combustion Controls                Installation of Control Instruments and Piping

PA System Service and Repair                               Hydraulic Cargo/Ballast Valve Controls

Auto telephone System Service and Repair          Hydraulic Crane &Hatch Cover Controls

Engine Remote Controls                                         Cargo Pump Controls

Engine Telegraph                                                     Tank Gauging Systems

Pressure and Temperature Controls                     Tank High, High High Level Alarm

Fuel Oil Viscosity Controls                                     Inert Gas Systems

Transmitter, Controller and Control Valves         Oil Discharge Monitoring Systems

Generator and Switch Board Controls                  Fire Detection Systems

Shaft Grounding System Service and Repair       Gas Detection Systems

Alarm Monitoring Systems                                     Draught Gauge Systems

Level Monitoring Systems                                       15 ppm Bilge Alarm

Pneumatic Controls                                                  Engine Oil Mist Detector             

Water Ingress and Dewatering System                  Anti-Fouling Control System

I.C.C.P System                                                          Portable Gas Detector Calibration

Autopilot System                                                      Thermal Imaging Service with Certificate

Meters& Portable Instruments Calibration          Vibration Test Service with Certificate

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