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Spare part
We constantly strive to have the right type and quantity of parts available from stock to serve the instant needs of our clients. As a customer of our company, you can rest assure that we can arrange supply of spares & services instantly.We can often supply our spare parts from stock and on average less expensive than buying at the OEM (Original Equiqment Manufacturer). 
If  a part or machine needs replacement by an equivalent product, we can supply retrofit items too. We do it all, including worldwide installation by our own local  technicians.

Marine pumps on a seagoing vessel are very important; one does not want one or more pumps to be out of order for too long. The types we offer can be classified as follows:
-Marine pumps
-Fire fighting pumps
-Cargo pumps
-Centrifugal and worm gear pumps
-Hydraulic Pumps
-Oil pump for boiler burners

Engine Spares
We are able to supply a wide variety of spares for marine diesel engines , either used for propulsion or power generating purposes. This section in our product portfolio consists of the following four groups:

-Main engine spares
-Auxiliary engine spares
-Generator engine spares
-Life boat engine spares

We could supply all kind of engine filters and turbocharger spares used on the above specified engines in its scope of supply as well!


Engine stores
We are particularly strong in provided the following engine stores groups:

Tubular lamps, reflector lamps, halogen lamps, all kinds of Suez canal search lights, floodlights, navigation lights, ship’s horns, high pressure sodium lamps, lighting fixtures, explosion proof lamps (ATEX Marine), armoured neoprene electric cable, transformers, generator contactors of the following brands:  Telemecanique, Siemens, ABB, Philips, Releco, Klockner-Moeller, Omron, Hyundai, Schmersal, Fanal and Allen Bradley.

-Electric motors: ABB, Dutchi, WEG, Cantoni, Siemens, Hoyer and Marelli Motori.
-Hand tools – electric and pneumatic
-Electrical tools of Mannesmann, Walter, Stahwille, Gedore, Bahco, Sandvik. Torque wrenches Tohnichi and Gedore-Rahsol.
-Electric tools of Hitachi, Felisatti, Bosch and Black & Decker.
-Pneumatic tools of Tetra, Nitto Kokhi, Yokota, Atlas Copco and Ingersoll Rand.
-Pneumatic and electric tools/equipment
-Air chipping hammers, deck scalers, angle grinders, air distributors, impact wrenches, needle scalers, air spray gun, safety lamp, Wolflite mucking winch and airless paint spray units.
-Diaphragm pumps of ARO, Blagdon, Dellmeco, Depa, Dominator, Graco, Marathon, Murzan, Sandpiper, Versamatic, Wilden, Yamada. Electric and turbine fans and quick connect couplers.

Deck stores

-Steel wires, ropes and chains
Steel wire ropes, mooring, hoisting/crane wires, fiber ropes, mooring ropes, polypropylene, polyester-polypro-mix, nylon mooring tails, nylon shackles, sockets, slings, sheaves, block and chains, nets, lashing equipment, pilot and lifeboat ladders, anchors and chain cables.

-Steel and couplings
Pipes and tubes, DIN welded, ASTM seamless, galvanized, stainless Steel, Cunifer Metal sheets and bars, Flanges steel/stainless steel DIN/JIS/ANSI Compression fittings, Flexible pipe couplings and Expansion bellow / compensators.

-Rubber and gaskets
Rubber and PVC hoses, reinforced composite cargo hoses, chemical hoses steam hoses, non asbestos gaskets sheets, graphite and high pressure gaskets, gland packing, tank lid packing cell, moor rubber fenders air filter and glass fiber hatch cover packing.

-Clothing and safety
Protection wear, clothing, boiler suits, working gloves, high visibility and anti-static clothing foot wear, safety shoes and boots, fire fighting outfits, lifesaving and lifejackets, IMO signs and posters, pyrotechnics EPIRB, SART, GMDSS, radio and all types of  communication equipment.

-Blasting and painting equipment
Wet abrasive blast equipment, high pressure water jetting, hoses and couplings, vacuum blast equipment, airless paint spray equipment, paint spray hoses and guns and inspection instruments.

-Lifesaving and firefighting equipment
Firefighting equipment, fire hoses, couplings and nozzles, breathing protection, gas detection, life rafts and lifesaving equipment, draeger test tubes and equipment, Bauer breathing air compressors, smoke & fire detection systems and parts.

Various equipment
-Oil meters
-Crane spares

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